with my camera


I love lists.. I love that feeling of achievement when you cross something off. I love the feeling of follow through when a to do on my list is :: switch to orange kenneth cole bag:: and in that bag i find a list where everything was crossed off. thats the best..

Now that im settled in at work, and life seems to have balanced out.. ive got big plans for myself. big plans.. ok, sooooo, maybe not BIG plans, but plans never the less.. I mean youve got to start somewhere. right..

wish me luck..



I was raised in a family where "making" was a part of our everyday. Maybe what i should say is that i come from creative people. My mother is a miller, and well, the millers are a crafty family. If you get 2 of us together we will make something. Sometimes its through cooking. Sometimes its the over whelming task of cloth napkins. But with out fail, some project is started. As a child i spent alot of time at my grandparents. Not only were they wonderful examples of creative minds, but they were completely supportive and naturing of a granddaughter who often wanted to make something. My grandmother was self taught upholsterer and my grandfather was, what i later learned was a master wood worker. I can remember being about 6 and with my pops help, on a stool using the band saw. If i wanted to cut out shapes and make my own blocks or paint a whole canvas purple, they were right there with the materials, support, and encouragement a creative mind needed.

Fast forward 12 years and imagine this creative mind, (or mess of a 18 year old) walking in to the furniture design studio at scad. I understand what people mean when they say doing something is like " coming home". It was people just like me, professors who understood you, not only as a creative mind, but as a lost college student. It was perfect. The building, the professors, the medium, and most importantly the people. At college i met, well, my soul mates. My love you no matter what, kick your ass when your wrong, tell you the truth, soul mates.

Through all of my education, and growing ive learned alot about my self. The formost being i am a pack animal, when it comes to my making envoriment. I need to be with people who speak my language. People who understand what i want to say, even if i dont and people who have my best interest at heart. I need that. I cant make by my self. It doesnt mean anything. I have no desire to work alone, to be in isloation and alone with my ideas. I am, first and foremost, a designer. That means i sketch and talk and think outloud. I need someone there to not only hear me, but communicate with. With out that communication i just spin in place. Some professors have tried to convince me that creativity is a life of solitude. But im not buying it.

Since college my soul mates have spread all over and ive been blessed to find a couple more. I originally began this blog as a way to reach out with my thoughts. Some how, ive managed to isolate my self and lose this form of communication. Along with that ive stopped making. And well, that just isnt me. Over the holidays i over heard someone say that they "just needed to get jessica back into her art.". I cant put words on how horrible that felt. It was the recognition that someone else recognized how lost i was. It was also the realization that soul mates surprise you. Thank you for the motivation and support. And welcome back...


i will...

be a better blogger. i will be a better blogger. i will be a better blogger. i will be a better blogger....


So what are you? What do you make? What do you believe in?

on liz steiner's blog she posed the question "...What are you? What do you make? What do you believe in?"  

here of lately these are the questions ive been struggling with lately.

I am:  a maker, a designer, an enamelist, a metalsmith, a welder, a SCAD graduate, a granddaughter, a red head, a miller, a friend, from savannah, loyal, passionate, determined, creative, funny, a smart ass, homesick

i make:  objects, vessels, photographs, things i cant lift, dirty laundry, noise, messes, cakes and cookies, furniture, drawings, coffee, presentations, damn good roasted potatoes, beautiful 'beads', love

i believe in: what goes around comes around, treating others like you would like to be treated, staying true to yourself, trusting my gut, faith, promises, love, hope, working hard and loving it, that bacon makes everything better, sunday dinners, simplicity, instinct, aesthetics, that one day i will wake up a 400 lbs sicilian woman

after answering those questions i added

i need:  challenges, good food, friends, my kittens, family, butter, love, fire, noise, quiet, music, hugs, 31401, to love where i am, to make a difference, being surrounded by things that are beautiful, good conversation, to travel, the beach on sundays, a good red enamel

what do you need, make, believe in?  what are you?