thesis thought 10.18

This body of work is based around the Fibonacci ratio and the idea of formulaic thought vs. intuitive thought. This body is composed of four vessels each with the intended height of 89”. These vessels are created from copper bands that I form, then weld and braze together. The application in which they are welded results in a cone form that I then dependant on the piece either powder coat or torch fire with a liquid white enamel.

Two of these pieces will be structures and regimented, resulting in the two that are meant to represent “formulaic thought”. These two will be powder coated white. This process will result in very structured, precise pieces.

The other two will be welded together the same way but I will do more cutting to the bands creating a more tapered cone with a slight curve to them. These pieces will be torch-fired enamel. With the torch fired enamel surface you get very little control over the color and a huge variety in colors that can appear. This is the concept for the intuitive pieces.

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