a call for suggestions

this semester in graduate seminar we are giving presentations about artists who's work is in the same "......" as ours. i've been very excited about my presentation all along. the idea seems inspiring, along with appropriate with the idea of my 'thesis' looming above. we were also suppose to be given presentations about historical times in metals, almost like a 'history of metals' class. but that hasn't happened. so here i am calling and asking if anyone has any suggestions this would be a great time. they don't have to be metals people only. i really feel like my work is obviously metals, but just as inspired as my history and my interest in other mediums.

briefly i would describe my work as :

-based around the idea of construction techniques being exposed and obvious. used as design elements
-treating the surface of the object as more than a surface treatment. allowing the surface to become of equal importance

artists that i see connections in so for:

gustav stickley

richard serra

june schwarcz

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Liz said...

Gustuav Stickly is great. You're aesthetic is very Bauhaus, maybe look into that.