a friendly distraction

i have a handful of blogs i enjoy reading regularly. one of which is laura crow miller. she has a wonderful eye for photography and makes the best paper stationary and the such. lots of little details and the like. today she posted a blog about a friend of hers that is interested in doing a collaborative cookbook, that sounds like a cookbook and photograph combination. i am so excited.

that's my favorite thing about blogs, they allow you to form relationships with people you normally wouldn't get to know.

well as you can tell, i emailed her. the 'her' being the friend of the woman who writes the blog that i enjoy reading.

well back to my excitement, i'm thinking that great chicken and balsamic vinegar dish, my peach cobbler, and those roasted pecans. this just might be the break i need from this thesis and grad school thing.


Nessie Noodle said...

Yeah- join in the fun. So glad you found my spot.

I will be in touch. with details by the end of the week.

Happy New year


Nessie Noodle said...

ps can you send me your email? I will need it to add you to the colab. on Blurb

Cynde said...

I jumped the fence from Textiles back to Jewelry & Metals. I'm sorry I will miss your opening on the 18th. Hope to see your work before the end of the month.


Laura said...

oh my! i'm so behind with my blog reading! thanks so much for the mention on your blog. i'm always so surprised when people like my work for some reason:) i've finally added your link to my blog as well! gosh, i'm so behind...but spring is coming and i'm getting things together slowly. and by thw way, i love your work...so lovely. i can't wait to see more.
this was a really long post, wasn't it? hope you are well....xoxo