normally i can hold it together around the end of the semester. i pride my self on being able to handle the stress at the end. but since the end of the semester is over, and since my thesis show opens in about 3 weeks ( i don't want to do the math and come up with a number of days.), and since i didn't get a christmas break, and i haven't seen my family in a while.

i really feel like i'm starting to feel the pressure. i mean i'm in good shape with the work, i think. but it's the lack of support and advisement that has me freaking out. i've done all of this by my self and if it isn't what she ( we'll refer to the proverbial she, ever though we all know which she has me worked up). i'll have two of the pieces finished by the end of this week. and i feel like that will take off a good amount of pressure, but wow until i get these done, ahhhhhh!

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