bad gradstudent (and or blogger)

I’ve been looking at my blog considering the amount of things I’ve needed to post and found the task a little overwhelming. But rather than putting it off any more I’ve decided to compile a list.

1:: my husband got the "best" idea that we drive to Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to watch puxnatawany phil pop out of a hole and declare the weather. So.... 30 consecutive hours of being awake, 12 men from the 'inner circle', one groundhog (which after 5 hours in the cold I found extreme pleasure in calling a weasel), one mountain road to the middle of the twilight zone, a school bus ride, and my own rendition of the song 'me and Mrs. Jones', oh and the mile trek down hill in -degree weather through a cornfield, I’m glad we went, happy to say I’ve seen it, but... next year i think i'll tivo it and watch it @ home.

2:: Sean and I took a road trip to the Andy Warhol museum, where I became enamored with the work of Ron Mueck. The Warhol introduces him as:

Ron Mueck at The Andy Warhol Museum
December 12, 2007 through March 30, 2008

"The exhibition, Ron Mueck at The Andy Warhol Museum features seven of the artist’s realistic human sculptures including: In Bed (2005) a giant sculpture of a woman lying in bed; A Girl (2006), a vast sculpture of a newborn baby; Wild Man (2005), a nine-foot sculpture of a naked, bearded man; Spooning Couple (2005), a miniature sculpture of a couple lying together on a bed; Man in a Boat (2002) a naked man sitting in a life-size wooden rowing boat; Ron Mueck’s self-portrait, Mask II (2001-2002); and Mask III (2005), a large portrait of a black woman.

Mueck was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1958, to parents of German descent. He often made toys as a child and this hobby became his profession. He began his career in Australia as a puppet-maker, creating marionettes for children’s television. In 1986 he moved to the USA and worked in the film industry before moving to London where he set up his own model-making business. Mueck’s fine art career began in 1996 when Paula Rego asked him to make a sculpture of Pinocchio as a model for a series of Disney-inspired paintings she was making for the exhibition Spellbound: Art and Film at the Hayward Gallery in London. The sculpture was exhibited alongside Rego’s paintings and it caught the attention of Charles Saatchi who commissioned Mueck to make a group of works for his collection. One of these sculptures Dead Dad became the surprise star of the now-legendary Sensation!: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection exhibition at the Royal Academy."

The detail left me speechless. I kept waiting for 'wild man' to jump up and run past me. The realistic quality of these will blow your mind. it's so hard to really understand the scale or really see the details by looking at still images. check out the video. I completely recommend if you are within a 5-hour drive of Pittsburg PA you make the trek and visit the museum. These are so worth it.

3:: so anyone who really knows me knows I love meat. I actually refer to my self as a meat-aterian. so imagine my pleasure when I found out one of my dearest people in the whole world, becca rice, has began the blog charcuterista. A blog about meat, I mean can it get any better? Was my initial thought, but once I looked closer I found that she isn't just writing about pleasures of the palette, but also doing it in a manner that might be the most poetic, beautiful thing I’ve read in quite some time.

4:: @ Kent our professor is on sabbatical, and her replacement is jessica calderwood. She is great, a breath of fresh air, and I’m really enjoying the information and knowledge she is sharing with the studio.


Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff, thanks Jess...

Liz said...

Phil is not a weasel.

lauracrow said...

lots of good stuff here! i totally would have gone to see phil pop out of his hole, too! :)