Off The Wall

in may 8 sculptors will exhibit @ summit art space. i've been chosen to be one of the 8. I'll be showing my thesis work, along with some pre thesis pieces.

if your in Akron on friday 5.2 please come by the opening. it's from 5-7p


lauracrow said...

congrats on being chosen! wish i could come and see your work up close!

Cynde said...

Miss your smiling face. . . give a hug to minnow and yingling from all of us. Ziggy must get his rabies booster tomorrow despite his hissing protest last weekend when he spied the cat carrier before we could catch him. Hiding in the far reaches of our upholstery earned him a reprieve.

First week back at KSU for me and it sucks to be me and low on the totem pole of hirearchy in the metals studio. I guess now would be the time I wished all those textile classes counted for something other than wonderful knowledge of the medium. My lowly status of having only two metals classes under my belt got me the 10:30pm-12:30am monitor hours on Wednesdays.

Stephen is flying and Steve loves his new job now that he too is free from KSU. All goes well here and i'm looking forward to checking off one of the items on my bucket list. . .spending Christmas in the tropics-Punta Cana to be exact. December can't come soon enough.

We wish you good health and much happiness in your new home. Keep in touch.