where will i land?

with the opening/closing of our first year show title 'leap' i now have time to consider my landing. what the hell do i do next? what now? the guidelines for the show were easy, make a new piece, exhibit in group show. oh yeah, you've got 4 weeks. so, initially that didn't seem so stressful, but then the words 'stop what you were doing before, that ends now, try something different' (please be aware that isn't a direct quote, for it to be a direct quote i would have to remember the exact words and since i was filled with fear at the time the direct words are escaping me so lets just say it went something like that.

and my response


now. the show is up. i feel i produced work unlike what i was doing before, yet still maintains several qualities from my list of 10 (thanks Natalya). being the work 1) looks like me, but also 2) appears fresh , 3) challenged me and i hope 4) invites the viewer to consider whatever the viewer wants to consider.

i guess this is where i should include a brief statement about what we're talking about.

I produce process based objects. Process based because i have chosen to use processes that directly affect my ideas and physically leave a response. I oxy-acetylene weld copper, and torch fire enamel. this are the processes i choose as my vocabulary for conveying my ideas that become these objects. both of these processes directly place there fingerprint on my idea. and that fingerprint i leave, completely in the open for everyone to view. my hope is you find it intriguing, interesting, explanatory, or maybe it just cause you to wonder. either way i'll take it.

so that brings us up to date. i have these forms and don't know what to do next.

i'm interested in exploring this idea more but i've not had enough time to let my ideas marinate, for me to really understand the work. i feel like i just explained what i understand about these pieces, but i am continuously told to develop more. i am excited about the idea of playing right now, of using this time to work out ideas, to work through things i'm thinking of. i've always been to taught that things have to be in a series, however i don't feel that fits now. is it okay to just make these two and move on?

and if so...

previously i've made vessels, vessels because they had an opening and the physicality to hold something. but never with the intention of them holding anything. and considering that statement leads me to ' why make a vessel?', what if i made forms without openings, so they became strictly hollow forms, which would make them sculpture. i'm sure you can say that's what i make now but since i'm unsure of how i feel about my previous work i ask myself why make anything at all. i mean why physically create something with an opening or create something with out.

and i ended up here...............

if the work is about the technical process and the physical result of making using techniques that leave its fingerprint on the actual work (and that sentence leaves me just as confused as you) then what if i documented the process. what if i created these forms, or the template for the forms (i.e. a sheet of copper, welded, constructed so that is had all the potential to be a form, but wasn't physically formed (@ this point my sheet of copper is almost flat and covered with that fingerprint i keep talking about) and i embossed in onto paper, leaving the fingerprint of the work and the fingerprint of the process, but no object?

a little artsier that i tend to get but i'm considering.

(also let me apologize if this doesn't make sense. i just felt like i needed to get it out.)


Dre said...

Jess...I say just go for it! Try it all. I think you and I might have a similar hang-up in that we think that everything that comes out of our heads and into physical existence must be a finished, exhibit-able piece of art. So when I say this to you I say it to me too...don't be afraid to go for it and see where it will take you. Girl, you are still in mid-leap.

Liz Steiner said...

Don't you wish you could just walk into a bookstore and pic up your own life manual? The one that tells you where to go and what to do and what kind of work to make? Yeah, I wish I had a book like that.
That being said, when in doubt, make more rocks.

jessica said...

thanks guys.


art and wonder said...

Sometimes not knowing where you are going is the best way to go. I am all for the "trust your instinct" approach. See where that goes and then be self-critical. It is so hard to forge new territory. Without screwing something up— it is hard to find the boundaries and pushing tose boundaries can help you get to a new place in our work. I'm with dre on this one—go for it!