california intro

i'm in california. technically i'm in la. next door to the ucla campus.

tonight im going to meet with the board from the enamel arts foundation. they purchased two of my pieces a couple of months ago and i'm really interested in seeing the rest of the collection. i'm also working on researching how industrial enamel was introduced to the artist. and if any one knows enameling history is Bernard Jazzar and Hal nelson, authors of Painting with Fire.

and if that wasn't exciting enough (i know i'm such a geek) monday i'll be staying with June Schwarcz. June is an enamelist superstar. she is my hero, her work is a total inspiration and her philosophy on her art refreshes me. so monday through friday i'll be her house guest. enameling and plating with a master. i'm so excited.

so that what i'm doing, and why i'm here. i'm going to learn a ton and hope my head doesn't explode from the experiences.


Anonymous said...

thats amazing to hear. i can't wait to hear about your adventures when you return. safe journeys!

Charcuterista said...

I just read most of the 2001 aaa smithsonian interview with her - she sounds wonderful! I really loved the part about her using raku techniques with acanthus leaves to create texture in a piece and how she tried using rhubarb and it just turned to mush. Come on, get to blogging, I want to know how your week went...