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since i have yet to write a review of the visual arts centers When Janey Comes Marching Home: Portraits of Women Veterans.


A collaboration between author-filmmaker Laura Browder and photojournalist Sascha Pflaeging, this exhibition will present a new series of approximately 45 photographic portraits and oral histories of women combat veterans.

These large-scale images and accompanying text will heighten awareness, generate discussion, and broaden public understanding while also undermining stereotypes and preconceptions to reveal a more diverse, honest portrait of women soldiers and their wartime experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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King VCU Grad PHTO Research said...

Your list of what people should do is dead-on.

For the record, however, I worry that the photographer did not give these women as much respect as I would like.

Without having heard any of their stories, he took portraits of them ... these portraits look anonymous and distant (and one is even out of focus!). I am deeply DEEPLY saddened that these women, who put themselves in danger for us, are treated - photographically - just as any other person, with uniforms/environments being the only identifiers which give us a sense of reverence.

The stories are brutal - the photographer could have at least read the mini-paragraphs of the women, listened to a few minutes of the dialogue ...
One woman details how she left when her daughter was so young that when she returned to the US, her daughter couldn't recognize her -
This woman went on enough tours of duty on our behalves that the daughter SHE GAVE BIRTH TO was afraid of her.
And the image is a nice, typical portrait.

So yes, go give respect to these women ... as unfortunately I don't feel they were respected as much as they should have been by the photographer.