california review

back from my whirl-win trip of the east coast and having almost recovered from the amount of doing and lack of sleep i'd like to post things i've learned

1. i am my most successful when i'm playing with material. the work is much more interesting when i experiment and play.

2. i create / design these objects completely opposite of the way i design funrniture. with furniture i design, draw, develop, design, draw, develop, work in model form, develop, plan and finally produce. in metals i play. i don't really ponder over decisions, i just cut, fold, seam, fold, finish. now i understand

3. i make aesthetic art. yep. aesthetic, process based art. it's about play and producing. it's about experimenting and learning.

4. i am a modernist. (that seems the funniest to me). i hate to title ones self but, i'm a mid century girl. i had no idea how far those ideas ran. it turns out i'm a total and complete modernist. the architecture, the schooling, the designs, and painters, the concepts. i believe in it all.

5. i have a huge tool box.

6. i am inspired by experiences, line, form, color, and profile. and that is fine..

7. i love tea made from loose tea leaves.

8. being kind to people can really make a difference.

9. heaven is fresh strawberries, dipped in sour cream, dipped in brown sugar.

10. i want a home studio. i love the freedom of running downstairs and putting a piece in the kiln, while waiting for the dish washer to finish.

11. i must buy leaded enamels. MUST MUST, reds and yellows.

12. i have things to say that are intelligent and there are people who feel the same way i do.

13. i must stay true to my self.

14. academics is very different from the real world.

15. crafts is a mind set. i am that mind set.

16. conceptual art is great, just not for everyone.

17. shiny is lovely.

18. brown is a fantastic color.

19. i need to brass brush more and think less.

20. 36 gauge foil is my friend.

21. there is a strong connective thread that runs through my work.


Liz Steiner said...

Brown is a fantastic color. I have to keep reminding myself of that when I want to stray and make something blue.

Aaron McIntosh said...

Jessica, you need to bring these findings to your critiques. I think you should really think about yourself as a designer. Would it change how you view your work? Would it change the work? Don't be afraid if it's what you want to pursue. Plunge in.