california review II

my trip to CA went something like  ::

*friends in airports makes 8 hours on a plane not so horrible, thanks ariel...

*"June Schwarcz patented raku technique" equals success on a 'cradle to cradle' form.  (picture to come as soon as UPS delivers my package)

*spending time with june is always so educational, not only about enamel but also about my self. we share beliefs and philosophy's about making and the enjoyment of art.  i make because i find things that have stories that i'd like to share with others.  objects that are beautiful inspire me to create memories and i choose to capture those memories through metal.  so the conversations about metals, and technique and color and paintings and how 'anythings can be a vessel' inspire me to stop thinking and just make.

*i love to electroform.  not necessarily raw objects, but the electroforming of substrates.  i love the stability it adds to forms that would otherwise not exhist.

*more of that amazing patination.

this trip also included a visit to the de Young. the de Young has a strong connections to 'crafts'. which results in the display and presentation of craft pieces being included in every exhibition. they currently are in the process of acquisioning 16 pieces by june. this will be the largest public collection of her work.  

while at the de Young i was excited to see two current shows.  

the Asian / American / Modern Art show was amazing. "Asian | American | Modern Art: Shifting Currents, 1900-1970 presents the work of artists of Asian ancestry who lived and worked in the United States. This exhibition represents the first comprehensive survey of these artists, and seeks to advance awareness of this under-represented group in American art history. Their art reflects the currents of identity and style that shift between aesthetics of diverse international geographies. This exhibition is rich in variety and demonstrates the wealth of Asian American art using masterpieces spanning seventy years the diversification of work and connections with contemporary artists."  

it also connected with the current exhibition/instillation of  Maya Lin, who spoke at my SCAD graduation about her experiences and how she was chosen for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

i also saw the exhibition of Al Farrow.  June had introduced me to Al's work on my last visit. so when scheduling this visit i knew i wanted to see the exhibition at the de Young.  Farrow's work are inspirational and breath taking.  the attention to detail, and thought applied to each piece is amazing.  I hands down recommend anyone in CA do your best to see this show or check out Al Farrow's work on his website.    

and if those shows were enough to make my head explode, we also checked out SF MOMA. Where they had the Martin Puryear exhibition.   

Puryear's work and attention to detail in these magnificent pieces inspired me over and over again.  and with june discussing how 'anything can be a vessel'.  i left full of ideas and wanting to get back to the studio.

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