jumping on the wagon

im one of those people who doesnt do what everyone else does, just on principal.  ive never seen any of the harry potter movies or read any of the books just because everyone else has. 

but ive decided to jump on the 'blog giveaway' wagon.  (the reason behind this wagon jumping, i will confess is apparently people read my blog, but no one comments.  and im just curious who these readers are...)  

so on 2.06.09 im going to randomly pick one reader who's posted a comment, and send that person a sweet enameled object.  

and on that note, let me introduce my self. 

im jessica schlachter, a MFA grad student @ virginia commonwealth university in the craft/materials studies department in the school of the art.  my work is based around the vessel, line, form and surface.  i dislike capital letters.  i consider my self  a coffee connoisseur (well maybe not that knowledgeable, but working on it.) i love to cook.  i just bought my first house.  i have a BFA in furniture design and will always have the desire to be a 'wood worker'.  


Liz Steiner said...

I read your blog! But you already know that since I'm constantly on your case to blog more!

Charcuterista said...

me! me! me! you love me, remember? and maybe I could send you some more coconut macaroons?