new work - enamel surface

looking at my work, i found my prime interest (currently) lies in surface.  by removing the form, i found my self left with panels where i can explore beauty and interest in the remaining component, 'surface'. 

              wall panel
                     enamel, pigment, copper, ground  10 x 10


wall panel raku
enamel, copper, oxidation  10x 17.5

wall panel
      enamel, copper, altered  10 x 17.5

      wall panel
   enamel, copper sanded 10 x 10

enamel panel 
   enamel, copper, sanded 10 x 5

* sorry about the picture quality.  

1 comment:

beck said...

i am really loving that grey panel detail.
and the overfired white panel is very much reminding me of your figure-like vessels from kent!