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i've always had a profound love of books.  im not one of those people who can check them out at the library.  i think if i'll read it:  i'd like it enough to own it.  so i buy them.  alot of them.  (i think the government should give humans a financial 'book allowance'.  providing funding or a credit for people to purchase books with.) oh and i believe in books, the paper made, tangible, 'smells like learning', books.  give me the paper object any day baby, you can keep the kindle.

currently im coveting* How to Wrap Five Eggs.    

How to Wrap Five Eggs, a mid-60s classic of Japanese design, came back into print in the US last month from Shambhala Publications.  Assembled by graphic designer Hikeyuki Oka in 1965, this stunningly laid-out paean to traditional Japanese packaging is rife with sumptuous black and white photos by Michikazu Sakai of all manner of boxes, wrappers and containers that appear at once homely and sophisticated, ingeniously utilitarian yet fine and rare.


“what we have lost for sure is what this book is all about: a once-common sense of fitness in the relationships between hand, material, use and shape, and above all, a sense of delight in the look and fell of very ordinary, humble things.”

-george nelson

*during the writing of this post i was showing someone how i'm hooked on amazon's 'buy with one click" feature, and in doing so i bought this book.

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Jillian Moore said...

"Toolbox" by Fabio Morabito is another good book to covet.

It went out of print for awhile after I first found it, then it resurfaced on Amazon.

All lyric essays on tools.

"The file is a blood relative of beheading instruments, cousin to the guillotine, kin to instruments that raze, amputate and cleave in half."