"Ice & Snow Furniture Raised From Lake Mendota"

Sustainable Artist/Designer Hongtao Zhou, UW-Madison

Feb, 2009


Hongtao Zhou, a University of Wisconsin-Madison art student, is creating the icy furniture on frozen Lake Mendota near the UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace shoreline. Visitors stops by taking pictures, eating ice cream with snow bowls and trying the cold ice chairs. The icy furniture makes the winter Terrace shoreline a place to enjoy winter fun.


The furniture is raised by an artist following the nature using local climate and natural resources to please people in winter. They connect the lake, the land, the air and the people and complete a sustainable life cycle with minimum environmental impact. Environmental artist wants climate furniture to raise up awareness that we can make a sustainable world with less or without negative impact.


Following the weather changes, the furniture will back into the lake and become a part of the water body again and complete their beautiful green life cycle.*

*information from Hongtao Zhou's website

thanks to tom loeser for the update and link to core 77.

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Anonymous said...

Seems this work is not not near an edge. Do you have a new found appreciation for artists who chose to live in the middle? (side question: do you know where Madison is? or for that fact, Wisconsin?)