me + jewlery = smoke

ive had some small electroformed objects ive been dreaming about enameling and making into a necklace. so today i took it upon myself to burn out the interior 'matter'.  and proceed ahead w/ the making. right, sounds painless.  its jewlery and i WAS excited....

the result =

ive cleared out a intro class, caused a massive smoke cloud to fill the studio, chased away the other grad students, and am probably well on my way to being reprimanded.  

this is why i make vessels.  

although to my defence, it is just like one big campfire.  i mean come on people, its art school...


Gabriel said...


Not your fault our ventilation its seriously sub-par. However, it is one of those things you have to deal with, like seeds in watermelon.


arthur hash said...

good point Gabe. I found this company that sells water based
conductive paint for Copper electroforming. It sounds like you have that part of the equation thought. Check em out. Hope it helps. -arthur