in my seminar class we have this list of questions we have to answer each week. question like "what do i judge as success?", "why should i look at something disturbing?", and what contributes to a successful studio practice?".  One question we had to answer had something to do with instinct, and trusting ours.

i mention this because in working on the body of work for candidacy, i keep stumbling upon things.  things more interesting that i could have planned.  it's that happening.  that small bit of fate, or happenstance that inspires me the most.  its allowing the material and obvious details to influence the work its self.  its what elizabeth gilbert referenced as the idea of having a "genius" that helps me make the work i make.*  

*please understand im not saying i am a genius, or have anything genius about me.  watch the TED talk, you'll understand.  im saying that i firmly believe that my best work comes from the collaboration between my ideas and my instinct (in this case ill calling that instinct a "genius" even though i think above average works better)

ANYWAYS,  this are images of my current work.  im still not sure how to describe them, but im posting them anyways.

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Charcuterista said...

jess, I really love these. keep up the good work.