So what are you? What do you make? What do you believe in?

on liz steiner's blog she posed the question "...What are you? What do you make? What do you believe in?"  

here of lately these are the questions ive been struggling with lately.

I am:  a maker, a designer, an enamelist, a metalsmith, a welder, a SCAD graduate, a granddaughter, a red head, a miller, a friend, from savannah, loyal, passionate, determined, creative, funny, a smart ass, homesick

i make:  objects, vessels, photographs, things i cant lift, dirty laundry, noise, messes, cakes and cookies, furniture, drawings, coffee, presentations, damn good roasted potatoes, beautiful 'beads', love

i believe in: what goes around comes around, treating others like you would like to be treated, staying true to yourself, trusting my gut, faith, promises, love, hope, working hard and loving it, that bacon makes everything better, sunday dinners, simplicity, instinct, aesthetics, that one day i will wake up a 400 lbs sicilian woman

after answering those questions i added

i need:  challenges, good food, friends, my kittens, family, butter, love, fire, noise, quiet, music, hugs, 31401, to love where i am, to make a difference, being surrounded by things that are beautiful, good conversation, to travel, the beach on sundays, a good red enamel

what do you need, make, believe in?  what are you?


Liz Steiner said...

Don't we all need a good red enamel?

Jill said...

just so i don't get in trouble for not posting...
i am - me, wife, mom, daughter, sister, in-law/out-law, student, mess maker, jewelry maker, armchair traveler, half american & half maltese, curvy, His

i make - boys, food, my intestines tie up in knots, things that help me figure out where I fit in and where I need to go, which just so happen to wearable

I believe (in) - the Trinity, my husband's love for me, that there is no good reason NOT to be nice to anyone, that what I do is going to make more of an impression than what I say, it's always worth the fight

Malie said...

You didn't say that you need bacon. I need bacon, especially since those dates with almonds wrapped in ... mmmm.... bacon.

Malie said...

sure, whatever, it's been a while since you posted, but I have to believe that you still need bacon. How else will you become a 400 lbs Sicilian woman? mmmmm.... bacon